Motorcycle, flexible, wind, sunshine, Route 66 Feeling …


You have arrived in Mactan / Cebu, and your ready for your time to explore this country with flexibility?
Then we are here to help you we have motor cycles for hire. From 125cc up 650cc
Also we have 23 rooms for rent included in these facilities are 2 restaurants.
MB’s Garden Inn 20 rooms. Restaurant available
MB’s Tavern 3 rooms. Restaurant available

The current prices and conditions can be found when you select above in “Bikes” the desired type.
We have from 125cc up to 650cc.
Discounts may be available for rooms and bikes rents at same time
The rental is part of the restaurant MB’s Tavern and MB’s Garden Inn. Both are restaurant with hotel operations.

if you have a desired Motor cycle please contact us on the link
Then please take a look at the link on about us how to contact us.
The easiest way will be if you stop by directly with us.
Personal visits are advised you can looks at available rooms and cycles have a meal a beer/coffee/soft drink, at the same time.

Below are details of available bikes


Honda XRM 125cc Motorcycle
Honda XRM 125cc
Yamaha YBR 125 Motorcycle
Yamaha YBR 125cc
Honda CRF 250cc Motorcycle
Honda CRF 250cc
Honda Steed 400cc Motorcycle
Honda Steed 400cc
Kawasaki Versys 650cc Motorcycle
Kawasaki Versys 650cc